Is your business compliant with
the UK/EU trade deal?

It's becoming increasingly important that UK businesses meet the requirements of the new trade deal to prevent penalties being imposed for compliance failures.

Trade and Services

What do businesses need to consider?

The UK has left the EU and there is a new trade agreement. UK businesses need to be aware of its implications for trade and services.

  • Less favourable treatment

    The UK cannot get a better deal by leaving the EU and the Single Market. By leaving both, UK businesses face new restrictions and rules when providing a service in an EU member state. These changes affect both trade and the movement of people.

  • Enforcement and compliance

    Whilst the UK/EU trade agreement sets out a broad framework for trade, each EU member state has implemented new rules that govern the provision of services by UK businesses, presenting further challenges to ensuring compliance and avoiding penalties and fines.

  • Prior notification

    Most EU member states will impose an obligation for UK employers to report their service provision in advance before their mobile workforce can travel. This creates new challenges for UK businesses who will need to monitor their cross-border workers who may travel 'under-the-radar' and who hadn't previously required visa, work permit, tax, social security or immigration support.

  • Subcontracting and supply-chain changes

    UK employers can no longer provide services by subcontracting to another company. Services must only be provided to the end client. This will affect companies who contract with a third-party in order to provide their business. UK businesses will now need to consider changing their commercial contracts and operational models.

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