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The IEMC is a specialist consultancy. We provide advice to businesses on the legal requirements that they need to comply with when they send their workers to the EU for short-term assignments, business visits and longer periods of work.

Our experts have extensive experience advising businesses on the complex rules that apply to workers who need to travel to Europe and an unrivaled network of contacts throughout the EU. Our tools, guides and support packages are constantly refreshed to ensure that they reflect ongoing changes that apply in every part of the European Union.

Our Services

The IEMC offers a wide range of packages for businesses; these range from short guides to a comprehensive service that allows businesses to concentrate on their day-to-day needs safe in the knowledge that the IEMC will take care of all the requirements involved when sending UK workers to Europe.

Our short, easy to read guides (link to our resources page), introduce the rules that allow UK workers to travel, work and stay in the EU. The IEMC can also provide more detailed guidance that is country-specific, tailored to the type of business sector the employer operates in and also to specific workers and specific work involved.

Our web-based advice takes our guides a step further. They allow businesses to plan ahead, start to see and minimise any costs that may be involved and allow them to decide if they have the knowledge and resources to work alongside IEMC consultants to ensure that they can comply with EU migration rules.

Some businesses may wish to retain as much control as possible over their own migration requirements. Many will not have the internal resources to do so; the IEMC can train their own staff to comply with the detailed EU rules and provide bespoke tools, guidance and procedures for the individual business to use.

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